It’s coming together now.


Building it was more difficult than I expected. Coming from someone who is building an entirely new PC from scratch for the first time, it was quite a challenge. Fortunately I did my homework and all those hours spent watching YouTube videos and reading up on all the technical aspects of the parts that I chose for the build seemed to have payed off. The knowledge gained was applied well and at the end of the day, I can see my PC coming together for the first time.

There are still things like the graphics card and SSD that are yet to be installed, because they aren’t here yet. The custom cables arrived earlier than I expected, and I was able to install them in anticipation for the arrival of the rest of the components that I ordered online.

Mini ITX builds can be a challenge due to its small size. And if you have a case with very limited space to build, getting all those cables plugged in can be a hassle. The problem is compounded if you install those components in the wrong order. But I got it all sorted out and I am really excited for the day to arrive when I am finally able to switch it on for the first time. Hopefully all the cables are connected properly and they are in their proper place. I am quite hopeful that it would boot up without a hitch for the first time.

The last item to arrive should be the Roccat Sova lapboard. It’s a keyboard and mouse combo for couch gaming. The lapboard will only be released on the 17 August and it should ship it out to me soon afternoon. Give or take a week or two and it should arrive by the end of the month. Till then, my PC will still be inactive until I receive my lapboard.

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