Tunisia Tourism Commercial

I was surfing around Youtube and I came across the Tunisian Tourism Commercial and I think it's pretty amazing. The ad showing Tunisians from all over the country, united in welcoming visitors to their country really hits the sweet spot for me. After what they have gone through during the period of the uprising, and... Continue Reading →

Melted Crayons Art (inspired by Pinterest)

Pinterest is an extremely inspirational website. Any registered users can share creative pictures and DIYS that they come across the web or that they created by themselves. I have been using it for a little more than 3 weeks now and after having scoured the entire DIY section of Pinterest, I am extremely inspired to... Continue Reading →

SMRT fiasco: My two cents worth.

The past week, there have been a lot of talk regarding the numerous train breakdowns that occurred on the Circle Line as well as the North-South and East-West Line. It caused a lot of problems for commuters and have raised a lot of concerns on how SMRT have dealt with the situation. Now, I'm not... Continue Reading →

Incredible, incredible week

I had such an incredible week this week. Not only did I celebrate with birthday with my closest buddies, friends and parents, but for the first time, I got passes for this year's F1 race in Singapore! So my birthday just passed, and it was a blast! Carousel, was by far a fantastic place to... Continue Reading →

Mini Studio, mini success?

So a couple of weeks ago, an inspiration hit me. I wanted to create a super low budget photography studio at home. Something where its super cheap, yet practical and at the same time, allows me to experiment on photography. I was watching some youtube videos online about how to set up a studio, when... Continue Reading →

The Survivors Club

The Survivors Club, written by Ben Sherwood, is an international bestselling book that explores the secrets and sciences that could save your life. And by the definition of "saving your life", he means the human psychology of what makes someone a survivor. Be it in an air crash, or a person who have experienced extreme... Continue Reading →

New Mac mini!

Im a fan of mac products. They are expensive no doubt, but the strength in their product lies in their design, use of materials, some of which are free from toxic chemicals and environmentally harmful manufacturing processes and last but not least, reliability. I have the mac mini, and I have used it forĀ 10 months.... Continue Reading →

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