31st of July was the day of my convocation. After 4 years of study in NTU, I finally get to graduate. And graduate with a second class upper division. I am truly happy right now. I not only achieved my goals I set out at the beginning of school when I first started out... Continue Reading →

The closing of another chapter

The end of my Final Year Project is near. After spending five months at an A*STAR lab, I have gained tremendous lab experience and I am truly grateful for working with some of the most interesting and passionate people I have ever met. Sometimes I feel like I have a guardian angel looking after me.... Continue Reading →

Things that make me happy

Some of the things that make me happy. A cup of toffee nut latte and a plate of Ol' Glazed. Too bad Starbucks signature drink only comes once every christmas. Reading my favourite book on Kindle on a rainy day, all afternoon. Finishing an unexpectedly good book and exclaiming to yourself, "What the F*** did... Continue Reading →

Cherish those moments

There are moments in life where everything feels so perfect. Everything falls into place. The feeling of sheer happiness and bliss that you wish it will never end. The feeling where you feel cherished and loved by the people around you. I felt that a couple of days ago. It was one of my best... Continue Reading →

What do I really want?

After much thought and the events that happened to me today, I feel that I should rewrite my New Year Resolutions, and create a new set of principles in life to guide me through 2011 and beyond. Two events happened today that forced me to rethink and rediscover what I truly want for 2011. The... Continue Reading →

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