I’m going Blu…

Im steadily increasing my collection of Blu Ray movies. Right now i only have a paltry 2 titles. They are Kung Fu Hustle and Casino Royale. Both are great films and the visuals are stunning. Ever since i started watching blu ray or hi-def films, i cant stop to be amazed at the amazing clarity of Full HD visuals and sound. Its really different than standard def TV broadcasts or DVDs.

Ever since i got my PS3, ive never regretted buying it and truly it is a very hardy piece of electronic. It has really served me well, providing me with a great source of entertainment at home. From playing games, to watching hi def films.

Right now im waiting for my order to arrive from Tower.com. I purchased Curse of the Golden Flower, A Zhang Yimou film, starring Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li. Usually when making my choice of blu ray purchases, id like to go with films that have great visuals and cinematography. Secondly would obviously be the cost of the Blu ray itself. I bought the blu ray at a bargain and im still waiting for it to a arrive after 2 weeks. Those who watched the film would agree with me with all the visual eye candy the movie has to offer. Full of lush golden sets and purples. Even the costume they wear are detailed and extravagant. All captured on blu ray hi definition film. Whats even better is that i can watch and oogle at Gong Li’s boobs all in Hi Definition!!! OMG DROOL! Nah just kidding! Im not a perv…

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  2. Hi there! I found this blog when I was looking for informations about the Kitou Aya’s diary, and I’m really enjoing it, it’s full of information about games, anime and other stuff I also enjoy. I’ll be visiting frequently! Bye!

  3. “Whats even better is that i can watch and oogle at Gong Li’s boobs all in Hi Definition!!!”

    I think thats one of the best things of owning a PS3 or an X-Box 360 huh? but im not a perv either… xD

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